Cordwainers Grow is a Hackney based community interest company focusing on connecting people and place through discovery. We specialise in projects and events which bring people and their natural environment together in a collaborative and creative way. By focusing on innovative teaching and experiential learning Cordwainers Grow hopes to connect and inspire a network of social and environmental innovators.



  1. To teach people about their environment in engaging and interesting ways
  2. To bring people together to encourage a feeling of being part of a community
  3. To provide a safe, welcoming space for participation and collaboration
  4. To provide opportunities for people to gain skills and knowledge
  5. To promote healthy lifestyles
  6. To promote and encourage volunteering


Integration – bringing different communities of people together

Creativity – uniqueness and imagination across all projects

Equality – equal opportunities for all in the activities and events that we host

Influential – dedicated to having a positive impact on people and the world around us

Empowerment – increasing the capacity of people to achieve their own goals

Sense of belonging – instilling a feeling of acceptance within a group

Protecting the environment – promoting the importance of the preservation of nature